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Computerized embroidery machines have revolutionized the embroidery industry. These machines have helped expedite the production process and helped entrepreneurs create a name for themselves. Trishtha is at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying digitized machines for embroidery in India. Our team of experts have got together to solve a common problem – which is the best thread for computerized machine embroidery? Here, take a look at our favorite picks. 

Rayon thread: This is a popular choice owing to the thread’s widespread availability, high sheen and hassle-free performance. It is capable of holding up to the highs-speed stitching of our machines without fraying or breaking. Also, rayon thread comes in a myriad colors that you can choose from.

Cotton thread: Cotton is often an overlooked, underutilized thread when it comes to computerized embroidery machines. However, cotton has a beautiful soft sheen and performs fabulously. Cotton is appropriate for machine embroidery as it is stronger than most other threads.

Polyester thread: If you are looking for something economical and valuable, we suggest polyester embroidery thread. It comes in a variety of colors and the effect is almost the same as rayon. It does not break or fray and can be used together with rayon.

Metallic thread: Metallic threads are of various kinds and you need to be careful when choosing them. Some might be more durable than the others. This type of thread is increasingly becoming popular as they help to add sparkle and shimmer in the design. It adds accent to embroidery designs and heightens the appeal.

Silk thread: When it comes to absorbing dyes, silk is a preferred thread. It is considered as the aristocrat of all fibers. This thread combines the stability of cotton and strength of polyester. Available in various sizes, this is a luxurious thread that can add oomph to any embroidery design.

Besides the above-mentioned thread, there are also acrylic and wool-based threads that you can check out. However, what you need first is a machine and we are the top-most computerized embroidery machine suppliers in Kolkata. So, call us. 



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