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We, at Trishtha, are one of the well-known computerized embroidery machines manufacturers and suppliers in Kolkata. Since we have been a part of this industry for several years, we are aware that a number of methods have been tried and implemented to make clothing more appealing and interesting in addition to the usual colored fabric that is used. However, the most effective method of bringing panache and pizzazz to any clothing seems to be embroidery. Even though this method of adding fonts, design and pattern on clothing goes back to ancient times, it helps to make everyday clothing a lot more attractive. Recently, a number of famous designers used embroidered clothes on the runway and revived the trend.

Embroidered clothing has their share of advantages. For starters, embroidery is a popular option among consumers across the globe due to the excellent quality of work and the unique appeal that such products deliver. Moreover, embroidered products tend to be very resilient and owing to the threadwork, clothes are able to withstand wear and tear better. Now, we understand that previously embroidery was done by hand and later, sewing machines came. But, even mechanical sewing machines demand a lot of effort and time. We have something better – computerized embroidery machines.

Trishtha’s machines have revolutionized the industry in the following ways:

  • Our machines are mostly automatic, and thereby, it ensures that bulk production is possible in very less amount of time. You simply have to upload a design (it can be as simple or as complex as you please) of your choice into the machine and let it work its charm. Such convenience is even helping clothing business startups to rapidly expand their operations and compete with the bigwigs.
  • Computerized machines work tirelessly and without much help from humans. Our machines are capable of working on their own and the end result you get will be impeccable design with great attention to detail. Such flawless work might not be possible to achieve mechanically. So, if you see clothes today being better designed and perfect, it is because of our cutting-edge machines.


Giving small business owners a chance to compete with the established companies in the clothing & textile sector is probably the ultimate way that our computerized machines are revolutionizing this domain. Get in touch to know more.



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