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Trishtha is one of the top-rung names in the electrical embroidery machine manufacturing industry. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and adhere to the strict standards of the Company Act, 1956. Thanks to our over seven years of experience, we manufacture top-notch quality automated embroidery machines equipped with the latest technology. Our product range includes coding machine,

Do you want to start your own embroidery business, but managing the capital is proving to be a roadblock? At Trishtha, we aim to assist you in starting your own business. Capital need not be the reason why you have to give up on your dreams. Talk to us and we will tell you how we can help you achieve great success in life.

Embroidery is a beautiful artwork that adorns different kinds of products, from clothes to bags and cushions and more. The need of intricately designed products is in high demand in the modern world. Women, especially, are in love with embroidered dresses and handbags. So, if you have been toying with the idea of opening your own embroidery business, now is the right time. At Trishtha, we can

We are not in that times when embroidery means stitching for a long time and the whole work is done by manually. These days are gone and with this there comes a huge change in the embroidery world. Now, embroidery work is done by computerized embroidery machine instead of hands. It has made the creative and artistry world alive.

Are you looking for embroidery machine? Then you should know that it is difficult to get it at lower cost. The price of top quality embroidery machine is very high and simply you cannot get them with cheap rate. You have to pay around 350 USD or about 21,000 INR or more than that for a normal quality embroidery machine. Naturally this type of machine has the lack of excellent features and function

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