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The CNC (computer numeric controlled) lathe machine is described as the mother of all metal shaping processes. This machine has the capability of taking metal shaping to the next level by automating the entire process, leading to reduced human supervision and enhanced output of the machine. Trishtha, one of the foremost CNC lathe machine manufacturers in Kolkata, specifically designs and develops

Thanks to the latest and evolving technologies, embroidery is no longer as difficult and time consuming as it once was. When embroidery was done by hand or with the use of traditional sewing machine, it would take hours to finish one design. But, today, computerized embroidery machines have managed the way embroidery was done forever. Whether for your professional or domestic projects in your

Conventional machines at production facilities are not completely outdated, but upgrading your production process with a CNC machine from Trishtha will definitely help. Given below are some of the reasons why businesses prefer to invest in our machines.

Embroidery is proving to be a very lucrative business, especially for stay-at-home mothers and hobbyists. If you already have a home-based business and thinking of increasing production of embroidered garments, turn to Trishtha. We have a wide range of robust and hardwearing 6 needle embroidery machine that you can include in your embroidery equipment arsenal. The switch from single-needle to a

Starting a new business is always exciting. Irrespective of whether you are on the lookout for a career change or want to follow the calling of your entrepreneurial spirit, an embroidery business can be extremely profitable. The primary reason for considering this business is the return of embroidered clothes, shoes, bags, scarves and almost everything on the runway.

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