It is increasing to use embroidery machine at home. It has a great popularity to everyone. In ancient times our grandmothers favored hand switching. But, those days had gone. Now everybody is busy at his work. So, they had no time to switch the clothes in sitting.

Machine is a thing that saves our time and effort. We can get much benefit from it within a very little of time. Embroidery machine is of different sizes, colors and different patterns. The users should know the using process of the machine. It is very necessary to know the pressure feet, motion arms, threading and controlling of the machine.

Here are the following tips to use an embroidery machine properly.

Step 1: At first select stabilizer for preparing materials. There are a very few machines that can work without stabilizer. Painter’s canvas also need stabilizer to support. It holds a thicker material that thread to catch. Commercial stabilizer is something different from it. It works to cut, wash, heat and tear the features. It is also used to control the thickness and switching distortion issues.

Step 2: It is also important to select the fabric. If the embroidery machine switches directly at the finishing point of any product like shirt, apron or bag, then the product will be predetermined. If you make embroider to a sturdy material then a lightweight stabilizer is required. A top stabilizer is helpful to prevent tear and pull. The heavy stabilizer is essential to observe a thin material clearly. If you use the fabric of your own choice or for your handmade items your options increase. Sheer and stretchy fabric creates a great problem to the T-shirt material. Normally, to switch the material of leather is difficult. Thin needle is used for thick and rugged material.

Step 3: You have to decide to use hoop or not in your product. The self-adhesive stabilizer decides to hoop or not the actual fabric. The ‘problem’ fabrics lead the capacity of the hoop. Its power of working is increased when it is attached with the hooped stabilizer. At first, the hoop frame and tension are attached to the bottom stabilizer. The actual fabric is made on the adhesive layer of the stabilizer and placed the pins to prevent slippage. It also helps to prevent damage and to allow excessively thick material.

Step 4: Selection of needle is necessary for an embroidery machine. The needles are of various sizes and styles. The size of the needle depends on the density of the material. The tip of the needle (whether blunt sharp or ball) also depends on it. The best way to use an average machine embroidery needle as it is sufficient to most of the products.

Step 5: There are different types of patterns of embroidery machine. Choosing the best pattern is very important. The number and density of stitch may be considered by an advanced professional. But the machine embroiders create, edit and customize their own files.



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