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The advent of machine-made products had practically wiped out embroidery from the industry. And clearly, machine-made products sector had the opportunity of producing bulk items quickly and efficiently. But, Trishtha is set to transform the industry with cutting-edge computerized embroidery machines. Our machines are powerful and allows for the embroidery business to flourish one more time.

Confused about how to select the right embroidery machine for yourself? Let us help you out with some helpful tip. Take a look below to know the factors that you need to consider before investing. 

What will be the use of the machine?

Before purchasing our machine, you need to determine the purpose of investing in one of our machines. Whether you want a machine to further your hobby or start a new business of your own, we have different types of needles with varying needle and heads. If you are thinking on the line of mass production of items, you can check out 6 needles and 23 heads.

Does the machine require manual intervention?

This is a great factor to consider because manually-operated embroidery machines usually take a lot of time and increases the chances of risks. With Trishtha’s computerized embroidery machines, all you have to do is set the design and let the machine work on its own.

What is your budget?

There is no dearth of embroidery machines in the market because embroidery has emerged as a very lucrative way to earn money sitting at home. However, you need to decide on your budget prior to approaching Trishtha.

Equipped with 3 of the most important things to consider when purchasing an embroidery machine, get in touch with Trishtha. Tell us your specific needs and we will get you the finest of embroidery machines in the industry.