If you are good at embroidery, and also looking for a viable business opportunity that can help you earn a decent income, you can set up your own commercial embroidery business. Do not keep your embroidery skills restricted only to yourself and think of it as a pastime. You can instead use it in order to make money from the same. People in charge of embroidery business can make good money. You need to consider the following aspects while starting a new embroidery business.

Embroidery Equipment: You need a superior embroidery machine in order to open up an embroidery business. These days, embroidery equipments come with varied software options. These software options can vary from basic packages which allow creation of simple embroidery designs to more intricate packages which can help you to make complex designs with full color. You should look for equipment having the ability and the space to have the software upgraded easily as technology changes and your business expands.

Licensing: You may have to get a business license based on the location that you wish to start your business from. There might also be the need to apply for an LLC, which is another business format. You might also need assistance with banking and taxation. In the initial days, when your business is still small, you can still avoid legal complexities and lots of paperwork. But when your business expands, you have to take the right steps – such as getting a valid license - in order to be legally safe.

Location: You have to begin thinking about the location once you have the infrastructure and equipment firmly set up. In case you intend to start small and not pay for the rent and associated expenses, you can set up your business even at home. But if you wish to set up big and have a posh studio and storefront, it is important to scout commercial real estate or rental options and compare the costs and locations to choose one that suits you. 



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