Embroidery business is extremely profitable and with the right tools and equipment, you will be able to mint money in no time. Also, with the advent of advanced machinery, the once laborious job of embroidering has now become quite efficient. If you are thinking of expanding your business without a massive capital outlay, you can check out Trishtha’s broad range of computerized embroidery machines. We are the leading cnc lathe machine manufacturers in Kolkata and offer multi-needle machines at economical rates.

How can our machines boost the efficiency of your business? Here, take a look...

Obliterates flaws: When embroidery artwork is done manually, there are high chances of minor to major faults in the design. However, machine-made embroidered products have minimal to zero defects. This means that every embroidery work produced from the machine can be sold and you do not have to worry about material wastage.

Speeds up embroidery process: CNC machines from Trishtha are capable of hastening the embroidery process since they come with multi-needles. They are able to complete an embroidery work at a fraction of the time than what you or your workers would take to design it by hand. This will create the opportunity for creating 3 products or more in the same time as 1.

Complicated designs are embroidered with ease: With our computerized machines, no design will ever seem too complicated. our advanced technology machines will stitch difficult designs with no errors.

Trishtha, one of the veteran lathe machine suppliers in Kolkata, is proficient in delivering embroidery machines at the best prices. With our machines, you can even boost the productivity of your home-based embroidery business. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to clear your doubts.



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